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E-Bike Rental & Trails

Summersports Westendorf E-Bike Rental

Whether you want a beginner ride through the
gorgeous woods or an advanced technical trail with complex turns and jumps, Brixental has both – and then some. Summersports Westendorf bike rental offers mountainbikes and e-mountainbikes for rent that are suitable for all the different trails in the area. We offer various frame sizes so our bikes will always fit you. 

Come chase the sun with us and let’s get dirty!

‘It’s summer time and the living is easy’, summers and vacations should be about unwinding and enjoying yourself, so, if you like, we’ll give you the best routes and rides so you can get right to the
enjoyment part.

Enjoy a little preview of the gorgeous Kitzbüheler Alpen!

E-Mountainbike Rental

Are you looking to ride the highest mountains? Would you like to expierence the Alpines in all their glory and beauty? E-Mountainbiking makes cycling in the Alps accessible to everyone. Our e-bikes & mountainbikes take you up to any summit. You only have to travel safely down yourself!

E-Mountainbike Trails & Tours

You will find all the information about the Brixentaler trails and tours. With a short video you will have a impression about the trail without spoiling all the fun. The trails vary from easy to difficult. Tours are all about taking you past the most breathtaking views of the Alpines.