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Sun Trail, Brixen im Thale

One of the easier trails in the Kitzbueheler Alpen. The trail starts with a technical forest section. It will challenge you to find the right speed and rhythm. After the first technical part is over, you will cross a small creek. From this part on you can hit the pedals hard and get some airtime using the different kickers.

If you take the gondola you bike towards Gasthof Nieding and then you follow route 299 for about 200 meters to the entrance. Or you start in Brixen and follow bike route 265. 

Length: 23,8 km
Altitude: 630 m
Level of difficulty: Easy – medium


Fleckalm Trail, Kirchberg

This trail is the opposit of the Sun Trail and is one of the harder trails in the Kitzbueheler Alpen. It starts with a long straight stretches and really fast hair-pin corners. Next up we have the middle part. It is the technical part with small, tight corners, drops and some tree roots. After that, the last part is where you can hit the padles again and go fast over the wooden berms.  

The start is at the top station of the Fleckalmbahn.

Length: 36,5 KM
980 m
Level of difficulty: Hard

Hahnenkamm Trail, Kitzbühel

The new “flow trail” leads over the famous Hahnenkamm and starts at the top station. This route is attractively designed using easier key sections and playful elements. Because natural passages, steep turns, meadow and obstacles offer variety and action for bike beginners as well as advanced riders. 

The start is at the Hahnenkammbahn. You either take the Hahkamm gondola or the Fleck Alm gondola and follow the markings. 

Length: 44,9 km
Altitude: 1090 m
Level of difficulty: Medium

Lisi Osl Trail, Kirchberg

This trail is a technical one. The upper part is wide and with thight corners. Though the forest section the path gets more narrow the conrners also get tighter. In addition, small roots, rocks and drops will increase the difficulty and challenge you! The lower section of the forest is where you can hit the padels. Because from here on the path gets wider, small kickers where you can jump off and the hair-pin corners get rounder. 

The trail starts at the top of the Gaisbergbahn or the bike the mountainbikeroute 203 up to the start. 

Length: 25,7 km
Altitude: 540 m
Level of difficulty: Medium – hard