E-Mountainbike Kids (125cm up to 144cm)


Your child is riding their bike faster than you! Impossible? Not at all. This is the powerful Cube 240 Hybrid Rookie. Designed for kids from 125cm up to 140cm.

How to book online:
You can only book for one person at a time. Select the dates, book your accessories and fill in your height. After that place your reservation in the shopping basked and do the same for the rest of your family or friends. If you do not want to book consequitivly, place your first dates in the shopping basked and select the other days you want to place your order.

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With choosing this bike we had vision as Cube. Why should only have adults all the fun, after all its more fun when the entire family can keep up! The same vision is kept in mind as with the adult bikes. With a powerful and lightweight Bosch motor in combination with the Shimano gear system, steep climbs become a child’s play. For safety reasons the maximum speed is 20 km/h. Once on the bike, your junior will make it really hard for the big guys to keep up!