Mountainbike Training


Upon Request
Costs: 79,00 per person (Excl. bike)
Duration: 2 / 3 hours
Starting time: To be determined
Starting Point: Summersports Westendorf
End Point: Summersports Westendorf
Bike: E-Mountainbike or Mountainbike

Our instructors will take you on an adventure and teach you to explore and push your own limits. Personal attention and safety are paramount. We encourage you to work on your concentration, coordination, and balance, all three of which you’ll need for a great deal of driving pleasure. We teach you the art of ‘letting go’: not braking too much but going forward: mountainbiking!

What do you need? A bit of guts and bravura are useful, as well as a good physical condition – but not needed since it is for beginners as well. You can make good use of these during the exercises, where you learn to read the surroundings and scan your tracks, improve your braking and cornering techniques, and jump instead of dismount. In this way, we work together on an optimal riding style. Our diverse range of mountain bike clinics provides you with numerous tips, tricks and examples.

Ride Trails, Meet People, Have Fun’.

For whom?

In addition to the clinics for individuals, we organize group activities for families or companies and organizations. In consultation we create tailor-made programs.

What is your mountainbike level?

We distinguishes 5 levels. We have clinics for all levels and clinics aimed at one or a few levels. Determine yourself to which category you belong:

  • Level 1, beginner: it’s my first time on a mountainbike, I hardly do any sport.
  • Level 2, basic: I ride occasionally or for the first time, but my condition is reasonable.
  • Level 3, experienced: I am an experienced mountainbiker
  • Level 4, advanced: I mountainbike often; I have experience with foreign routes.
  • Level 5, expert: I ride races; I have experience on foreign trails.

Please use the form below or contact us via WhatsApp, phone or mail to check what we can organize for you!