Thule RideAlong


Safety & comfort
The RideAlong child bike seat by THULE can be used from approximately nine months up to six years of age. The maximum capacity is 22 kilograms. Your little ones can enjoy the great comfort of the model. Five different angles make it possible to respond to the mood of the little ones at any time. They can also lean back and relax when you are on the move.

How to book online:
You can only book for one person at a time. Select the dates, book your accessories and fill in your height. After that place your reservation in the shopping basked and do the same for the rest of your family or friends. If you do not want to book consequitivly, place your first dates in the shopping basked and select the other days you want to place your order.

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Classic, safe and easy-to-use reclining child bike seat, taking your daily commutes and family bike adventures to the next level.

Max weight – 22kg
Age – 9 months up to 6 years of age
Fits – e-mountainbike & mountainbike