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A hardtail is versatile mountainbike, so it helps to have the right kit to get the most out of that versatility. With its range, ease of use and reliable performance, it’s the go-to for many mountainbikers. Paired with powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and the RockShox Judy fork with lockout, it puts you in perfect control.

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The Cube Analog has been given an even more comfortable frame, making this mountainbike perfect for the mountainbiker who expects a lot from his or her bike. The Cube Analog has a sturdy aluminium frame with integrated cables, which makes this mountain bike look very sleek. The bike is equipped with a RockShox Judy Silver suspension fork, to guide you over most obstacles.

The Cube Analog has received a Sram SX Eagle 1×12 transmission. The Analog uses the Sram Eagle transmission, which gives you the chance to experience the optimal range of a 1×12 transmission. The cassette has 10-50T gearing, which gives you a wide range of shifts to get up the hill and down the hill. The Analog is also equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, which give you a lot of confidence because of the large amount of braking power available. You can dose the braking power well and have this braking power at your disposal under all circumstances.