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Built from the same heat-treated aluminium as our adult bikes, the Acid 240’s frame is every bit as tough as a full-size mountainbike, but with the right weight and proportions for a child. Suitable for children between 8 and 11 years with a length between 125 and 140 cm.

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You can only book for one person at a time. Select the dates, book your accessories and fill in your height. After that place your reservation in the shopping basked and do the same for the rest of your family or friends. If you do not want to book consequitivly, place your first dates in the shopping basked and select the other days you want to place your order.

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The Cube Acid 240 2022 with its 24″ wheels is a nice mountainbike for kids who don’t yet fit on a full-size mountainbike. The Cube Acid 240 is a bike that comes very close to that, except for the smaller frame. Furthermore, there is no compromise on the equipment. This bike has a Shimano Altus 1×7 drivetrain. The bike has a sturdy aluminium frame (the same type of aluminium as Cube’s adult mountain bikes). Furthermore, this children’s mountainbike has a SR Suntour suspension fork with 60mm suspension travel for extra comfort. This front fork also makes the bike very suitable for racing through the woods. The bike is equipped with rim brakes, and the front rim brake also has a power modulator so that not all the braking power is released at once, which lowers the result in a rollover over the handlebars.

With its 24″, the bike is suitable for children between 8 and 11 years with a length between 125 and 140 cm.